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How to Develop Photographic Memory

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Take a moment to recall every relative at your last family reunion. Now, try to list all the professional football teams. When you’re finished, see if you can name every state in the U.S. Did you see your family as a written list of names, or did […]

Memory Games for Adults

Memory is a complicated process. Your brain works round-the-clock to create and preserve memories. It flags those which are most important. It sorts and files others that you don’t use much. It keeps track of where all your memories are stored for easy retrieval when you need or want them. If not for your brain, […]

Why is Reading Important?

As technology provides ever faster ways to get news, find information and stay amused, reading books tends to fall by the wayside. Most people sheepishly agree that they should read more, but few are aware of the many ways that reading enhances quality of life. The benefits of reading for sustained periods of time are […]

How to Improve Short Term Memory

Short term memory is accessed and utilized while reading this sentence because the beginning of the sentence needs to be held in the mind and understood while the rest is read. Such memory can be thought of as the brain’s post-it note or scratch pad, describing the brain’s ability to hold small amounts of information […]

How To Improve Working Memory

According to Gazzaniga, “The brain, like the rest of our bodies, acts on its own before we become consciously aware of its actions,” (The Ethical Brain pg 93). This statement explains what the working memory does. Working memory is the temporary storage and immediate retrieval system of the brain. It allows for focus, blocks out […]