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Why is Eye Contact Important?

Eye contact is the second strongest form of communication. Given the number of poems, songs and paintings devoted to the eyes, people consider eye contact almost as important as talking. Eye contact may form the first impression you leave with a potential employer. It might seal the deal for a prospective client. It could assure […]

Why do men lie? 6 Simple Reasons

These days, many women are interested in having productive, positive romantic relationships with men. However, their ability to do so is oftentimes compromised by the fact that their partners lie. If this is your challenge, you may be interested in learning why it is that so many men lie. To gain some insightful answers to […]

Importance of Communication in Life

Changing Your Life with Good Communication Communication skills are the most important skills a person can possess. Having knowledge of how best to explain your needs and thoughts while understanding others can make a huge difference in relationships, career, parenting, and all areas of life. How Can Good Communication Improve Your Life? Communication is a […]

What is a Compulsive Liar?

Comedian Jon Lovitz did a bang-up job portraying a compulsive liar in the old Saturday Night Live sketches. But if you’re in a relationship with a pathological liar, you know that it’s a mental disorder and no laughing matter. What Is Compulsive Lying? Compulsive liars have a disorder called pseudologia fantastica. The components break down […]

Lie Detector Test Guide

The ancient Chinese had a foolproof method for detecting lies. The person suspected of dishonesty was given a handful of uncooked rice to chew. If it stuck to his mouth or was dry when he spat it out, he was lying. Everyone knew that liars had dry mouths. Lie detection has come a long way […]

Eye Contact, Attraction, and Confidence

William Shakespeare said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Although we won’t be discussing the quote in detail today, there is something to be said about looking into the eyes of a partner or of an audience while communicating. Looking directly into the eyes of a person communicates to them that you […]