Why do men lie? 6 Simple Reasons

These days, many women are interested in having productive, positive romantic relationships with men. However, their ability to do so is oftentimes compromised by the fact that their partners lie.

If this is your challenge, you may be interested in learning why it is that so many men lie.

To gain some insightful answers to this important question, review the information and brief explanations that appear below.

1. Fear Of Intimacy.

One of the primary reasons that men lie stems from a fear of intimacy.

When we opt to be completely honest with other individuals, we create relationships that are predicated on trust and mutuality. Once these relationship components are present, the opportunity to really get to know the other person intimately increases. Intimacy is wonderful because it facilitates the ability for people to connect intellectually and emotionally.

Yet while many men find the idea of this type of intimacy to be exciting and conducive to personal growth, they are oftentimes afraid of various realities that intimacy can entail. One such reality would be the vulnerability that results from intimacy. Thus rather than openly and honestly share sensitive information about themselves, many men opt to lie in order to avoid the type of transparency that intimacy entails.

2. Perceived Need For Control.

As many psychological experts know, lying is oftentimes used as a control mechanism. An example of this would be informing another individual that they weren’t invited to a party despite the fact that they were. In this case, lying functions as the control mechanism that precludes an individual from socializing with other people.

In many cases, a man might tell this type of lie in order to control who his partner socializes with out of fear that she might become romantically involved with another individual.

3. Lack Of Morality.

Although lying can and often is a complex reality, some of the underlying causes for it can be summed up quite simply.

In many cases, men lie because they are simply not moral people. In short, they do not feel the need or desire to develop open, honest, integrity-based relationships with other people.

When a woman finds herself involved with a man who repeatedly lies, it is important to stop and think about whether this type of clearly immoral behavior is truly acceptable.

4. To Avoid Drama.

In many cases, men lie to avoid drama. Oftentimes, telling the truth could lead to a fight and long-standing tension.

For example, if a couple has had an issue surrounding taking out the trash, a man might lie and say he is taking it out daily when his partner calls while away on the business trip. In this instance, the motive for lying is an attempt to keep the peace rather than endure the emotional hostility and tension that would result from telling the truth.

5. Past Conditioning.

Yet another reason that men might lie in a relationship results from past conditioning.

If they were in a previous relationship in which lying was integral to the romantic involvement, they may have come to conclude that this type of behavior is acceptable and appropriate in some instances.

For example, a man may have been in a relationship with a woman where he consistently lied about where he was spending time when away from work. In the event that his partner caught him in a lie yet there were no repercussions for the dishonesty, the man may have come to conclude that his behavior was acceptable or “worked.” This perception that lying is acceptable could then lead to the man operating in a deceitful manner whenever he felt doing so would be convenient.

6. To Avoid Hurting Your Feelings.

Sometimes men lie to avoid hurting their girlfriend’s feelings.

A classic example of this principle would be a boyfriend telling his love interest that a clothing item is flattering when it actually detracted from his partner’s aesthetic appeal. In this case, the boyfriend’s goal is to preclude his woman from feeling unattractive.

Another example of a lie a man might tell to avoid hurting a woman’s feelings would be stating that he enjoyed a gift he was given despite the fact that he really hated it.

These types of lies may seem less problematic than other forms because they are designed to preclude the other person from being hurt. However, lying to avoid hurting another person’s feelings is still problematic because it precludes the relationship from being rooted in honesty.


Being romantically involved can be an exciting experience. However, when a woman finds that her man is lying to her on a consistent basis, the life and passion can be sucked right out of the romance.

As noted in the information listed above, there are numerous reasons why a man might opt to lie to a woman. By figuring out which motive is precipitating your partner’s lack of honesty, you can get a better understanding of the problem and devise viable solutions.

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