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22 Conditions You Can Treat With Acupuncture

Have you ever heard of the term acupuncture? If so, do you know what it is? If you are unfamiliar with acupuncture, it is a medical method that is used to stimulate different pressure points on your body. This procedure is mostly done with needles and they go through the skin.

Acupuncture was originally used in China, but now it’s being used all over the world. This method could be getting more popular because it’s better than using over-the-counter drugs.

Acupuncture is safe when done correctly and has few side effects. That’s not the case when you have to rely on over-the-counter medications. There can be side effects that are too hard to handle if you aren’t used to them.

Acupuncture may sound painful, but it is known to get rid of pain as well as eliminate other health problems.

1. Quit Smoking

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Are you someone who has trouble quitting smoking? If you’re addicted to smoking and wanted to quit, chances are you know how hard it is to quit. Have you tried many methods only to fail and end up smoking again? There is a method that could be the answer to your prayers.

Acupuncture is a great way to curb your craving for smoking. This method works because there are no side effects unlike using nicotine patches or other remedies to quit smoking.

According to an acupuncturist, pressure points in the ear can help eliminate your craving for smoking. Using the needles for pressure points have helped people get through their withdrawal symptoms and kept them from craving cigarettes.

2. Lose Weight

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Losing weight can be a hard battle for most people. It can get to the point where you need to have surgery if your battle is out of control. If you want to lose weight, why not consider trying acupuncture to do it? It’s a safe method and it helps you lose weight. Acupuncture balances your hormones. It can increase endorphins, which will reduce your cravings and give you more positive energy. This will keep you from binge eating which causes you to gain weight.

This method lowers the hormones that cause you to gain weight. Acupuncture helps you lose weight by reducing stress, which can cause weight gain. If you are stressed, you are likely to eat more food. By simply using up to four needles in your ear, you can help fight the weight loss battle. This method has been used to help many people lose weight so it is worth a try because you don’t have to starve yourself in order for it to work.

3. Headaches

Headaches can be debilitating depending on the severity of them. If you don’t want to take over-the-counter medication to cure it, you can use acupuncture. This treatment will keep you from having to use medication that may not work for the headache you have.

The needles are placed on the pressure points on your forehead and around your nose. This helps with the flow of energy in your body. Acupuncture can help with all types of headaches. It also relieves your headaches for days. Aspirin does not get rid of your headaches like that. Acupuncture works to ease more headaches a month than any other method for easing pain. It’s a safe method to use in order to ease your headache pain.

4. Snoring

Do you snore and disturb other people while you are asleep? If you have a snoring problem due to congestion or allergies, you can use acupuncture as a remedy. Acupuncture clears nasal passages and gets rid of irritants that cause you to snore. This method allows oxygen and nutrients in the nasal passages to support and repair nasal tissue. It will also reduce congestion to reduce snoring. Acupuncture opens nasal passages and removes blockage.

Acupuncture improves circulation in the nasal cavity, which allows your body to heal faster. You can get the needles in the pressure points in your forehead and it could lead to quieter sleeping. Your loved ones may thank you for getting this procedure done.

5. Sleep Apnea

Do you suffer from sleep apnea and are tired of spending money on expensive treatments to cure it? Acupuncture works to help cure sleep apnea. You are probably wondering how this alternative can help with your problem. Acupuncture helps keep your throat muscles firm. This method helps relax the nervous system and increases your chances of having a better sleep. This alternative method also helps keep your upper airways open by stimulating and strengthening the muscles in your throat that are affected when you suffer from sleep apnea.

This procedure works by having the needles in the pressure points on your back. Your body will be relaxed which will make breathing easier. This alternative will help treat sleep apnea.

6. Insomnia

Many people suffer from insomnia and are looking for ways to cure it. If you don’t want to rely on sleeping pills in order to get a good night’s sleep, you can use acupuncture. Since insomnia is a common problem, a lot of people use acupuncture to cure it. An advantage to using this method is that it can be as effective as using sedatives without the risks to your health. You can also use this method instead of sleeping pills and you don’t have to worry about getting hooked on it the way you can get hooked on the pills. Sleeping pills can be dangerous if you take too many of them.

When you get the treatment done, you will get the needles in the points of your body where you need the energy to flow. It can be in your back, in your stomach, or anywhere you need them.

7. Diabetes

Millions of men, women, and children suffer from diabetes. This disease can be controlled through different ways. Making healthier lifestyle changes is the best way to control this disease, but you can also use acupuncture to help control it. Acupuncture has been used for many years to control diabetes.

Acupuncture eliminates the symptoms that are related to diabetes and eliminates the need for insulin. This way regulates the blood in your system and improves your pancreas. The acupuncture points are all over the body to help cure diabetes. The most effective pressure point is in your back.

8. Gout

Gout can be very painful and can come out of nowhere. It can feel like you have arthritis. Instead of relying on expensive over-the-counter medicine, you can use acupuncture. Acupuncture will relieve the pain from gout as well as reduce the swelling in the joints. This alternative stimulates the release of natural painkillers, which alleviates the pain of gout.

If you get these treatments regularly, it will control your gout flare-ups. It will also get rid of your pain and swelling. You can get the needles in about 2,000 points on your body. It can work faster than using medication. It can take from 30 minutes to an hour or so per treatment. Acupuncture increases the circulation of blood to the painful areas of your body.

9. Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can be very painful. The most common symptoms of nerve damage are tingling and burning sensations in your feet, hands, legs and more. To control this problem, you will need to take a lot of medication. This could get expensive. Acupuncture helps treat nerve damage. It can help many of the painful symptoms you experience. It also helps strengthen the body and improves the functioning of the nerves in your body.

You may not recover completely, but it makes the pain easier to handle. These treatments may have a positive impact on your pain. They will also last longer than taking medication. You will get the needles on pressure points throughout your body.

10. Peripheral Neuropathy

This illness is similar to nerve damage. It can also be painful in the feet, hands, and legs. Your feet are bothered the most and then that pain travels throughout your body. Similar to nerve damage, you need to take a lot of medication in order to cure this condition. Instead of relying on numerous medications, acupuncture is a good way to go.

You will get the treatment on the front and back of your body depending on where you feel pain. This will help reduce the sensitivity of the nerves and help them function properly. The treatment can be relaxing and it helps with other benefits.

11. Common Colds

Colds can be very bothersome. A cold can be a nuisance and there doesn’t see seem to be and end in sight. Fortunately, acupuncture can help treat the common cold. This alternative may work better than using cough medicine that doesn’t work. Acupuncture can reduce the duration and the severity of your cold.

If you start the treatment at the start of your cold, it can stop the cold from getting worse. You will feel better in about a day. If your cold has already progressed, acupuncture will support your immune system in a way that will make your cold more comfortable for you.

12. Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be very uncomfortable. The pain can be unbearable and have the potential to ruin your day. Luckily you can use an alternative to alleviate the pain. Acupuncture can be used to ease tooth pain. It soothes the circulation of the painful area.

If you have a pain in your top teeth, the needles would go through your ear. The pain in your top teeth can trigger pains in your head as well. If you have pains in your mouth and jaw area, the pressure point is in your stomach. This will regulate the acid as well as enzymes that will treat your teeth and gums.

13. Back Pain

Back pain is a big problem for a lot of people. The pain gets so bad that people would even call out sick and miss a day of work for it. Sometimes the pain can be so bad that you can’t even move. Most back pain requires you to get surgery or take pain medication. It’s this type of pain that made people turn to acupuncture to ease it.

Acupuncture helps the body act as a natural painkiller. It stops the pain signals that go to your brain. This treatment will give circulation to the problem area. It relieves pain in a natural way and doesn’t have any side effects unlike prescription pills.

14. Thyroid Problems

If your thyroid isn’t acting right, you can suffer from various symptoms. It affects your energy level, weight, muscles, menstruation, heart rate as well as other health issues. These problems can usually be fixed with pain medication or surgery. Instead of relying on pain medication and surgery, you can use acupuncture.

It restores your hormonal balance, helps your energy level, and it helps you sleep. The most effective pressure point is on your ear. Your body has pressure points that can regulate your thyroid hormones too. These treatments help you balance the energy in your body for good health.

15. Hip Pain

Hip pain can be annoying. It can make walking a challenge because the pain is so bad. One treatment for hip pain is acupuncture. Acupuncture improves circulation and causes blood to flow throughout the body. It also stops your pain.

The treatment is applied on the hip that is bothering you. You can also have the treatments done on other parts of the body that are affected by the pain in your hip. The treatment works in three to four weeks after you start it. If you want the treatment to work, you will need to continue doing it for three to four weeks.

16. Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common problem among people. Since you use your knees for practically everything, it’s important to keep them pain free. Medication and surgery are not your only ways of getting rid of knee pain. Acupuncture is a great way to treat knee pain.

Acupuncture helps increase circulation to your knees. When the blood is flowing in your knees, inflammation and fluids can be removed faster. The swelling in your knees would be decreased and that will get rid of the pain you feel in your knees. Acupuncture will get rid of the knots that you feel in your knees making it easier for you to walk. Another good thing about this treatment is that it works just as well as pain medication.

17. Foot Pain

Most people are on their feet everyday so that can lead to a lot of pain in this area. It can make walking difficult for you. Acupuncture works better for the pain than medicine. This alternative is better for you than constantly taking medication that won’t work for you.

There are a lot of pressure points in the foot that can be treated. The points are on top of the foot, between the toes, inside of the foot, the sole of the foot, and the outside of the foot. Acupuncture brings blood and oxygen to your feet, which alleviates pain.

18. Wrinkles

Do you want to stop the aging process, but don’t want to spend money on expensive facelifts, creams, or surgeries? You can use acupuncture to get rid of your wrinkles. Acupuncture has been used for many years to get rid of lines and wrinkles on your face.

Acupuncture helps delay signs of aging by keeping your skin filled with energy boosting nutrients. The procedure requires you to get needles in certain points in your face that you want to look younger. This helps stimulate the blood flow through your face. It gives your skin more energy. It hydrates and raises your skin’s supply of oxygen that will decrease wrinkles in your face.

19. Eczema

Eczema can be painful as well as annoying because you are constantly dealing with itching. If you’re dealing with this, then you already know that you are constantly using creams to help ease the pain. If you don’t want to rely solely on creams, you can use acupuncture.

Acupuncture reduces the itchiness, scaling, redness, patches, and decreases flare-ups.This method also helps coolinflamed skin.Acupuncture also works if you suffer from eczema seasonally.Needles will go in the areas where you have eczema flare ups. This treatment works for eczema, but you will also need herbal medicine to help get rid of it completely. It takes over three months for the treatment to work.

20. Hair Loss

People deal with hair loss all of the time and would do anything to put an end to it. Instead of wasting money on hair growth products that are expensive and don’t work, you can try acupuncture. Acupuncture can help treat your hair loss.

Acupuncture helps improve your blood circulation and energy flow to your brain. It helps your hair follicles as well as nerves and blood vessels in your head.If youhave damaged skin because of your hair loss, acupuncture will work for that too.Needles go in your head in order for this treatment to work. This remedy won’t happen overnight. This treatment takes time and patience in order for it to work properly.

21. Sports injuries

Athletes suffer from a lot of injuries due to sports. They get hurt a lot during the games they play. It is important to see your doctor when you are seriously injured, but acupuncture can help if there is no other treatment available besides rest.

Acupuncture helps athletes recover from their injuries faster. This therapy increases the flow of blood to the injured area. It helps manage the discomfort and pain caused by the injury. It can also treat other injuries such as soreness, tendonitis, ankle sprains, tennis elbow, as well as other injuries.Needles go in the troublesome areas of your body.

22. Menstrual Pain

Do you suffer from extremely painful menstrual cramps when it’s your time of month? If you do, then most of the time over-the-counter medication will not work to ease the pain. Instead of using over-the-counter medicines that don’t work, you can try acupuncture.

Acupuncture regulates blood flow through the abdominal cavity and relaxes the nervous system. This will help calm the muscular contractions that cause cramps. It also reduces pain as well as gives you better digestion, better sleep, and a better mood. This treatment would be good for you as well as your loved ones who are also dealing with your time of month.


Acupuncture doesn’t take the place of a doctor, but it can relieve your pain.The treatmentcan work for many things that ail you. It doesn’t have any side effects so that is more beneficial than using over-the-counter medicine or prescription medicine that could have dangerous side effects. Using this method can cure one treatment as well as help you cure other ailments. Before you start this treatment, make sure the acupuncturist is licensed to perform the treatment.

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